Being The Difference

There are opportunities for everyone, individually and as communities to start being the change we want to see. There are different ways individuals can green up their life- and we offer practical solutions.

From within the home, office & workplace we work off the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle model:


Avoid, lessen or go without products that you can live without. Something that has never been created cannot go to waste. Less is more.


Think life-long when making purchases. How long will this item last? Is it of a good quality? Can I recycle it once it no longer serves it purpose?


Not everything can be reduced or reused. If not can we recycle it? Even better, is it indefinitely recyclable? The more we divert from landfill the better.

Building upon this we can now start looking at what we can do within our community. There are a multitude of organisations that host environmentally focused programs & events. These opportunities provide the perfect platform to start picking up litter, planting trees & learning more about the workings of earth. Seeking out your local council for more information will put you on the right track!

“It’s as easy as finding a messy piece of land near your house and giving it 10 minutes of your time”