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  • Made From Natural Cotton & Organic Beeswax
  • 4 Wraps Included

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Product Description

Beeswax Wraps
These funky wraps are made with Australian Organic Food Grade Beeswax and are free from all nasty ingredients, such as paints, palm oil or inks. With many cool designs to choose from, you will never want to use plain old plastic wrap again.


1 x small wrap (approx. 20 x 20cm), 1 x medium wrap (approx. 25 x 25cm), 1 x large wrap (approx. 30 x 30cm) and 1 x extra large wrap (approx. 35 x 35cm).


How to Use:
These wraps are perfect for folding around food items, especially cheeses and onions as our wraps don’t retain smells! You can also use them to cover storage containers, wrap your lunches in, (like sandwiches and fruit) and to cover bowls. The warmth from your hands softens the beeswax and makes it easy to mould the wrap and make sure it is sealed properly.


If looked after properly our wraps can last you months or even up to a year! Keep your wraps away from sources of heat such as microwaves, ovens and even dishwashers. Also, avoid wrapping food over storage containers that are still hot as this can also melt the wax. To wash add a mild detergent to cold water, rinse and then lay out to dry.

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