Recycling Aluminium…Foil & Easter Egg Wrappers

Aluminium….Something we drink from, wrap food in, unwrap food from. A material that belongs in your recycling bin.



Aluminium is indefinitely recyclable, allowing us to recycle it over and over again, leaving the virgin stocks in the ground and untouched. The recycling of 1 aluminium can saves enough energy to power a TV set for up to 3 hours. This is due to the energy intensive process of mining, transporting & processing virgin aluminium materials in comparison to an already formed can going through a simple recycling process.



Drink cans go straight in the recycling bin. Small sheets of foil, Easter egg wrappers, other aluminium odds & ends… if they’re thrown in the recycling bin as they are, the recycling facilities will sort them as paper rather than aluminium due to flattened aluminium sharing the same characteristics as paper. To ensure every loose piece of foil is effectively recycled collect them in a jar and roll into a foil ball (size of apple) once enough has been acquired. An example below from a post last year:



Unlike some plastics & papers we can be sure that every can or foil ball we chuck in our yellow bin is going to be recycled, ready to be formed into another aluminium product ✅ 


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